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82097 Lvivska obl., Starosambirskyy r-n, s. Yasenytsya-Zamkova

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+38 (068) 5625107
+38 (067) 9612737
+38 (096) 2912457


+38 (03236) 32133

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Mon: 00.00 - 24.00

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About the company

Having a Boyko court you feel the breath of the beauty and freshness of rest in the Carpathians any time of year. When changing the severity of winter spring bell, and then - after a hot, hard-working summer - autumn begins in the mountains, the riot of color around Boyko court will not leave you indifferent.

Rozsiyalos neat cottage in a picturesque area by the river Yasynychankoyu, oblyubovane its dreamy waters on one side zakosychene colorful riznotsvittyam grass meadows - the other village-Yasenytsya Castle. Further, the Nightingale meadows and groves, extended plume of dark green forest that herpes village, protected from winds this magical underwater area where lypotsvitu get drunk on sweet bee raging flame and the windows dahlias and autumn hay smell and smoke of burnt foliage that is heard from the fields ... Vyhnuvshys arc ridge forest rises even higher and there intersects high mountain. Blessed Carpathians and Boyko land. Healing air, filled with sun and fragrance fir, giant mountains, covered with colorful carpets, ringtones mountain streams with clear as crystal, water ...
All this can not capture, attract, fascinate.

This locality is located, built in national style Boyko, recreation center Boyko house located near the famous tourist village Rozluch. Here you will learn about the traditions and boykivchan Boyko kind, created thanks to holidaymakers Boyky evenings.

Boykovsky house and Boyko evenings is a folk Boikivskyi ethnicity. You will meet with folk music, kolomyikas, dancing, Boyko fun and festive bonfire burning boykivkoyu dinner. You will participate in the celebration of weddings, Christmas, Christmas Eve, New Year, Basil (14 January), Palm Sunday, Midsummer, Andrew (December 13). All made in celebration colorful Boyko figure who always leave you warm and unforgettable memories of ancient traditions and culture Boyko edge.


Holiday Boykovsky yard can be proud not only dignified comfort but also excellent Carpathian cuisine. Holidaymakers offered cheap family, children and leisure. We organize guided tours and a variety of sporting activities. Holiday Boykovsky house meets all the requirements of the modern tourist.

Holiday has 5 wooden cottages with 78 beds. 2 - 3 - 4 bed rooms with TV (cable channels) and all amenities in every room (toilet, washbasin, shower), some rooms have a balcony.

In one of the houses on the ground floor restaurant of national Carpathian dishes.

Holiday is nicely arranged territory, gazebos, barbecue, sauna and outdoor swimming pool with mountain water, an indoor pool, summer sannochnu road.

It offers childrens and athletic fields (soccer and volleyball), balls, badminton, tennis, trampoline 4,2m.